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Computer Class

Beginners Computer Class

The class structure will depend on the prior computer knowledge of the participants. There will be three tutors available to help so if you have never even turned on a computer, don’t worry, our tutors you will help.

Some of the topics the course covers are browsing the Web, Setting Up Email account/ Sending Your first email, Inserting Pictures/Etc, adding attachments to email/ Replying to an e-mail message. Organizing files in your computer/ Creating Folders / Renaming. Also covered will be; how to pay bills online, Book Flights, Google Maps, Skype, Social Media, (Facebook, Twitter etc.) Starts on September 19th and runs on Monday mornings from 11am - 1pm.

Advanced computer classes.

The advanced computer course covers a range of programmes, and is tailored to meet the needs of the participants, some of the computer programmes are: Word Processing, Spreadsheets, IT Security, Image Editing, and Advanced Word Processing. This starts on September 13rd and is held every Friday morning from 11am - 1pm.