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About Us --

How It All Began

Rosemount Family Resource Centre (RFRC) was established in the late 1990’s and in keeping local community needs, Rosemount now offers a variety of programmes reaching many sectors of society.

Some of these community support programmes are computer classes, games activities, coding classes, after-schools, Grinds, parenting programmes and much more. It is believed that by developing these programmes, this will assist Rosemount FRC in building a good relationship with the target population and those who participate in the programmes will in turn develop skills attributable to the work place environment.

Rosemount FRC moved out of Rosemount estate in the 1990’s and is now in a standalone premises since 2012. The move to the new premises proved very positive, increasing footfall, general awareness and programme capacity. This increase can also be attributed to the expansion of our catchment area which now includes the designated disadvantaged areas of Farrenboley, Columbanus and Mulvey. Rosemount Family Resource Centre recognises the importance of supporting all people and we achieve this by providing a variety of services such as; After schools programmes, parent support groups, education courses, social outings, job support groups, computer courses and mobile phone assistance.

Rosemount Community Development Group Ltd

Rosemount Community Development Group is a limited company by guarantee but trades as Rosemount Family Resource Centre (FRC).

There are currently 8 Voluntary Board of Management Members (VBOM) who are also directors. The directors come from the target area of Rosemount and the immediate vicinity. The Board Members bring with them a vast amount of experience ranging from, banking, community supports, financing, parenting and much more besides.

Without the hard work and dedication of the board members, Rosemount FRC would not be able to provide the array of programmes it currently does.