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Family Therapy
Rosemount Family Resource Centre provides a Family / Systemic Therapy Service.


Rosemount Family Resource Centre provides Family / Systemic Therapy.

  • Phone: 01 2166131
  • Email:
  • Rosemount Family Resource Center, 3 Waldemar Terrace, Dundrum

The service creates a setting where individuals, couples or families can come together and talk to explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely.

  • To understand each other's experiences and views, appreciate each other's needs, build on family strengths.
  • Make useful changes in their relationships and their lives.
  • Family / Systemic therapy can be useful in times of crisis and with regard to long standing problems.

Brian Miles

Brian is our present, volunteer therapist, registered psychotherapist with FTAI, ICP. Recently retired from working for HSE, in adult mental health in the local area.