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Help with Problem Gambling
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problem gambling counselling service

Help with Problem Gambling

  • completely confidential service
  • 087 692 7361
  • Rosemount FRC,
    3 Waldemar Terrace, Dundrum

Rosemount FRC is offering a low cost, one-to-one, professional and confidential counselling service to those experiencing harmful gambling and their families. This support is provided by a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. This service is funded by the Gambling Awareness Trust (GAT).

Any gambling behaviour that disrupts your life or the life of your loved ones is considered problem gambling, even though it does not necessarily indicate you are completely out of control. Accepting that their gambling is becoming a problem can be challenging for many people.

Minimising, denying or hiding gambling problems and the potential harm they cause are common reactions. Additionally, some people may purposefully lie to others or to themselves about how much time or money they spend gambling.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this service, please contact us at the Rosemount Family Resource Centre - 087 6927 361 or email: .