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Anti-Ageism Conference
Supported by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Irish Human Rights

On December 12th 2023, Rosemount Family Resource Centre, with the support of the Irish Human rights Commission, held a focus group on ageism and it's effects on the community. This is what we learned..

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The constant changes, almost on a monthly basis that, without a basic understanding of technology can be impossible to understand. Paying bills, booking appointments, ordering food or even contacting friends / family are all examples of simple things that now demand knowledge of Information Technology.

Without this knowledge, it can be distressing to go about daily activities. A lack of understanding of technical terms may also hamper a person's capacity to give meaningful to consent to terms and conditions.

Buses / Travelling

Apps, ghosts and attitudes.. What do you do when your bus doesn't show up? "I have tried to find out where and how to lodge a complaint on the TFI website and found it prohibitive. What do you do if you don't use the internet?"


Consumer Rights

By law, sellers or suppliers (known as traders) must treat you fairly. Remedies (refund, repair or replacement) offered are not always given or are argued against. This is a very common cause for concern and has been addressed by successive governments. One's rights are actually easily accessible and readily available; if one knows where to look and has the wherewithal to find it.

Male Isolation

Recent research show that men are lonelier than ever. This can be a significant factor in developing depression. Since depression in men often goes undiagnosed and thus, untreated, we should explore the causes of male loneliness to access how it might impact mental health over time.

The causes of male loneliness are varied and complex; a lack of close friendships, societal expectations, not being willing or able to open up, career pressure and stress or mental health issues.

Staying Active / Involved

Rosemount Family Resource Centre takes pride in our ability to develop and host various programmes for all ages and welcome everyone at the centre. Please feel welcome to drop in and talk to our friendly staff about the many available programmes, events and classes we run throughout the year.


What's Next?

A Rights Based Approach, Age Action Ireland recommends:

  • Empowerment - Everyone should understand their rights and be fully supported to take part in developing policy and practices which affect their lives.
  • Accountability - There should be monitoring of how people's rights are being affected, as well as remedies when things go wrong.
  • Participation - People should be involved in decisions that affect their rights.
  • Legislation - There should be an explicit application of human rights law and standards.
  • Non-Discrimination and Equality - All forms of discrimination should be prohibited, prevented and eliminated; including ageism and age discrimination. People who face the biggest barriers to realising their rights should be prioritised.

In situations where it is necessary for services to require someone to make an online transaction publicly-funded systems should be established to safeguard those offline who currently hand over their affairs to others that are more digitally literate.

Combating Loneliness

  • Acknowledge that loneliness exists - We cannot begin to heal until we acknowledge where we are at in this moment.
  • Be open to professional help - Just like we might hire a coach or trainer to help us advance our physical skills, seeking expert guidance for our emotional support is equally important.
  • Seek out a confidante - The importance of finding someone who we feel comfortable opening-up to - whether that's a mental health professional, a friend, a faith leader, an online forum, a partner or a family member.
  • Prioritise self-care - Taking care of yourself by doing small things that rejuvinate you. Focusing on things like regular exercising to boost your mood, developing better sleep patterns and eating well can all contribute to a better frame of mind.

Our door is always open for a cup of tea and a chat at Rosemount Family Resource Centre..

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