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Hi there

I would like to introduce myself as the Manager of Rosemount Family Resource Centre.

Firstly I would like to welcome the new residents to Rosemount. I hope they can become active members of our community and help us strengthen Rosemount Family Resource center with the continued support of the current residents.

My main goal as the new manager is to promote social inclusion and build on the many wonderful services we currently have here at Rosemount Family Resource Centre.

I look forward to working closely with the new residents and the wider community within our catchment area;
Rosemount, Goatstown Close, Mulvey Palk, Columbanus, Farrenboley and the wider area to build a better Family Resource Centre to benefit us all.

Rosemount FRC has an open-door policy and we welcome all and your suggestions. Feel free to drop in for a chat and cuppa and see what programs we have to offer.
Together we can …

The team and I would like to do this with your support. Please drop in and help us to build a better centre… We’re in Your Hands.